Pecan 2 – Second Round

Invest in the Best Food Source for Generations

We have opened a second call for partners to join this agribusiness opportunity: another 500 hectares of pecan orchards will be developed in the Pecan 2 project.


The first round of Pecán Argentina (closed in Dec. 2017) raised 6.2 million USD and generated one of the largest Pecan plantations in the Southern Hemisphere: 700 hectares (1700 acres), with over 40000 trees growing.

Join Our Project

We offer Return On Investment starting from Year 1, and Exit Option in Year 15, with a guaranteed ROI of 300%

Return On Investment
from Year 1
Exit Option Year 15
Guaranteed ROI of 300%
Entry starts at
10,000 USD (8,500 EUR)

About Us

Pecán Argentina is a family agricultural business. For decades, the Villar and Rohde families have been involved in the production and worldwide distribution of high-quality food products from Argentina.

Our Mission

Pecán Argentina bases its development and continued growth on five building blocks which embody eco-friendly, sustainability, social responsibility, emerging markets and exceptional profitability.

Our Plan

Together with our shareholders, our aim is to become a world leader on the nut market. We will add 500 new hectares of pecan plantations to the existing orchards.

Grow Your Future with Pecán Argentina

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Why Argentina

Pecán Argentina’s orchards are located in the north of Argentina, around 440 miles from Buenos Aires in Goya, Corrientes. This area was chosen for its perfect subtropical climate as well as its excellent quality of soil providing excellent conditions for the production of pecan nuts.

Quality Soil

Untapped Markets


Proven Track Record


Expansion Minded Government

Inexpensive Land Prices

Dependable Water Supply

Committed Connected Leadership

Supportive Investment Environment


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