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About Us

Pecán Argentina is a family agricultural business. For decades, the Villar and Rohde families have been involved in the production and worldwide distribution of high-quality food products from Argentina.

Our Mission

Pecán Argentina bases its development and continued growth on five building blocks which embody eco-friendly, sustainability, social responsibility, emerging markets and exceptional profitability.

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We will continue to look for partners to help us build 12,000 acres of pecan trees before the end of 2017. PAPHSA is open for private as well as institutional investments, private equity and venture capital.

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Why Argentina

Pecán Argentina’s orchards are located in the north of Argentina, around 440 miles from Buenos Aires in Goya, Corrientes.
This area was chosen for its perfect subtropical climate as well as its excellent quality of soil providing excellent conditions for the production of pecan nuts.

Quality Soil

Untapped Markets


Proven Track Record


Expansion Minded Government

Inexpensive Land Prices

Dependable Water Supply

Committed Connected Leadership

Supportive Investment Environment


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